skype connect

  • A Dutch telephone number that forwards to Skype.
  • When someone calls your number, your
    Skype client will ring.
  • Answer the call using Skype, anywhere in the world.
  • Forwarding to Skype doesn’t cost you anything.

How does Skype connect work?

Someone calls your XOIP number. Your Skype rings. You answer the call using Skype. If you are not online, the call will go to voicemail.

Forwarding your XOIP number to Skype is free. Callers pay regular calling rates.

Smart suggestions

  • Maintain a Dutch presence. Give your customers a Dutch number and pick up the calls using Skype in your international office.
  • When you are traveling, give your XOIP number to friends instead of your mobile number.
  • Get rid of your home phone. Use a XOIP number instead and answer your calls with Skype. Make your outgoing calls using Skype-Out.
  • Don't give out your mobile number.  Give your XOIP number, and direct it to your mobile and Skype.  When your office is closed, your calls go to voicemail.