Groningen area code, number Groningen

With XOIP it is possible to obtain an alternative number with an area code in Groningen.

Requesting a number in this area code offers competitive advantages for every KPN subscriber in this historic capital.

By using XOIP you can now link your existing phone number to a 050 – XOIP area code. The use of the KPN services for telephone and fax connections becomes redundant. With the XOIP number you can even receive faxes to your email address. Also forward calls to your Skype connection or to your mobile phone by using this alternative number on a 050 – area code.

All messages and calls thus come in on a central location thanks to your 050- XOIP number.

Sending faxes from your email or online is also possible via this local XOIP number.

With the aforementioned possibilities, you as a XOIP client will always be within reach by your clients. And your callers pay only the regular local landline rates. Clear and practical.

Signing up for a XOIP 084 number cost you nothing. Obtaining a local phone number in Groningen is also possible. You pay an subscription price of 9.50 euros (or 85 euros per year). More detailed information can be found on the XOIP website.

You may decide to choose an alternative XOIP phone number or decide to port your existing personal number.

XOIP possesses advanced find/follow me features where your calls may be forwarded to multiple numbers. This capability is dependent on the time of day.


Faxing Arnhem

With XOIP it is now possible to receive and send faxes via email in Arnhem. To do this, the use of a KPN number is not necessary.

Companies located in Arnhem can choose between a new XOIP number in Arnhem  or continue to use their current number. Besides the free 084 numbers, XOIP also offers local numbers in Arnhem. Companies in Arnhem can therefore request XOIP numbers with their own 026 – area code.

The calling costs of local XOIP numbers are lower than those of the 084 numbers, but there are subscription costs attached to local numbers.

Having a XOIP number offers a number of appealing benefits to businesses in the commercial city of Arnhem.

A very interesting advantage is that no special software is required for XOIP. When someone sends a fax to your number, the fax is received as an email attachment on your email address. In principle you can receive free, unlimited faxes. However, this depends on the type of XOIP number. Furthermore, there is no need for a separate fax line.

Another advantage is the ability to send faxes online or via email. XOIP works with credits for fax sending. XOIP credit can be loaded by a payment from the XOIP website, by bank transfer or by phoning XOIP’s 0900 number. Credits can also be earned by receiving faxes on a XOIP Plus number. If you have insufficient funds to send a fax, XOIP will only send the fax once the credit balance has been sufficiently uploaded.


VOIP Utrecht | SIP Utrecht

With the availability of a local XOIP 030 – phone number in Utrecht or by porting your existing connection, XOIP provides the solution for VOIP Utrecht or SIP Utrech. You can find more information on our website.

XOIP thus offers the possibility to divert incoming calls to your usual VOIP, SIP and Skype connection, or to your mobile or fixed line phone.

Thanks to the central location in the country, Utrech is in a strong position as a top region for (international) business. Many leading international companies and research institutions are therefore to be found in Utrecht.

A local XOIP number is a perfect solution for those companies using multiple VOIP and/or SIP connections.

If these options appeal to you, we suggest that you visit the XOIP website to request a XOIP number. Signing up for a XOIP account is free, and to obtain a local phone number in Utrecht, a subscription of EUR 9.50 per month (or 85 euros per year) is required. You can choose a new 030-number or port your existing personal number.

XOIP possesses advanced find/follow me features where your calls may be forwarded to multiple numbers. This capability is dependent on the time of day.


In the first month of 2013, the rates for XOIP Basic and XOIP Plus were adjusted. The rate is now 70 and 80 cents per minute. You’ll find the prices on our website here. This means that there will be a slight increase in cost per minute to anyone that sends an online fax to you.

Fax sending via email

With XOIP you can now follow these easy steps to send faxes via email.

Firstly, create a new message in your email program. In the ‘to’ field, enter the fax number followed by Caution! The number must be entered in international format. A fax to be sent to a company in Amsterdam is addressed as follows:

The add the PDF file that you would like to send as an attachment to your email. Only the PDF file will be sent. Test in the email subject or in the email itself will not be sent.

The email can then be sent in the usual way. You will receive an automatic confirmation via email from XOIP that your email has been received. You will also receive an email to confirm whether the fax has been delivered or not.

To prevent abuse, there are three different options to protect your faxing. You can find these three options under “my profile”. More details about setting the security options can be found on our website. With this security check, XOIP verifies that the email address that you are sending the fax from, corresponds with the address you provided in your XOIP account.

It is also possible to send multiple faxes via email.

For sending faxes it remains important that you have enough credit. If you do not have sufficient funds, XOIP will as you to add more credit. The fax will then be sent when you have sufficient funds available.

Meanwhile, you can add multiple numbers to your XOIP account. You may want to manage numbers for different people, or you need several numbers for yourself.

How can you send a fax via email for free?

XOIP is often asked how a free fax via email can be sent.

Although it is not possible to send a fax completely for free from your email account, there is however the possibility to, for example, create a fax document of 8 pages long and send it at a once-off fee of approximately one euro!

Using XOIP, a fax can be sent with a once-off payment. This amount is needed to cover the cost of sending the fax. Other than this, you need no fixed memberships or other obligations. Sending a page to the USA, Great Britain or The Netherlands will for example, cost 0.15 euro cents. The minimum amount of credit that can be purchased at a time is EUR 1.30 or about 8 pages.

You can pay for credits using Paypal, iDeal or by calling the 0900 XOIP number. Once again, you only buy credit that you need, and an ongoing subscription is not required. You also do not have to give any banking details to XOIP.

XOIP would like to send your fax for free. However, XOIP needs to pay the connection to the recipient of your fax. If you want to receive faxes, you can sign up for a free XOIP number. You can then receive faxes for free on your email address.

To send your faxes via email, you create a XOIP account with your email address. Subsequently, you are then able to send your fax, drawn up in a pdf format, via email by sending it to (where 311231234 is the fax number).

How to send a fax via email using XOIP.

Send a fax via email in three easy steps:

  1. If you do not have a XOIP account yet, please register now for a free XOIP account. There are no further obligations associated with this account, and further, your privacy will be ensured because XOIP is a registered Telecom provider. The easiest is to use the same email address for logging in to your XOIP account and for sending faxes. If you would like to use a different email account, you can configure your ‘from’ address in the ‘my profile’ section when logged into your account.
  2. Save the fax as a .PDF document and attach it to an email message. Only the .PDF document will be sent as a fax. Any text in the email or subject will not be sent.
  3. Send the email to Substitute 311231234 with the fax number. The fax number must be entered in international format. (Thus a fax number in The Netherlands begins with 31). The 00 or + can be omitted. XOIP sends your fax to the fax number as specified in the email address. You will receive a message from XOIP confirming that the fax has been delivered or not.

If you have insufficient funds for a fax transmission, you will be asked (via email) to load XOIP credit. The fax will only be sent when sufficient funds are available on your XOIP account.

Requesting a XOIP account and receiving faxes are free. However, you need to have enough credit available to be able to send a fax. This amount is needed to fund outgoing phone calls. You can determine the value of XOIP credit that you will need. Furthermore, XOIP will not ask you for any banking details.

Useful hints to optimise XOIP usage

XOIP has been a large provider of fax & voice to email services for more than 10 years. Accessible and available to everyone.  Below, you can find a couple of useful hints that emphasise the benefits of using XOIP when it comes to fax, email, voice mail and social media.

XOIP and your incoming fax messages

You can receive fax messages on your personal XOIP telephone number . If you receive a lot of fax messages, you can set your number to ‘fax only’.  It is also possible to receive fax messages on your landline by forwarding your phone to XOIP. You can also use XOIP as a scanner by faxing documents to your own XOIP number.

XOIP voicemail and forwarded calls

XOIP Voicemail records your messages if you are not available. If you forward your calls to your mobile phone or Skype, XOIP Voicemail will record a message if you do not pick up. It is also possible to receive a XOIP message by email.

Forwarding your XOIP number to Skype is also possible. This is free. Callers pay the normal rates.

You can listen to your voice mail and manage your messages by calling your own XOIP number.

XOIP and social media

The social media feature enables you to easily record messages with your XOIP number. You can do this anywhere.  After that, you can share them with your network on Facebook or Twitter.

Some general hints for XOIP usage. 

Establish a virtual office in the Netherlands. Your clients call a Dutch number, while you accept calls with Skype at your foreign offices.

A landline is no longer necessary after purchasing a XOIP number. Save on the monthly costs and use a XOIP number and answer your calls with Skype.

How to request a local XOIP number

Besides the well-known 084 numbers, XOIP also has access to local numbers in all Dutch areas. You can request a local XOIP number with your own area code through the subscribe icon on the XOIP website. If you live, for example, in The Hague, you can request a 070 XOIP number.

The call costs for the local XOIP numbers are lower than the 084 numbers. You do need a subscription, however. A local XOIP number has an annual subscription fee of €85 (€9,50 per month).

Your local XOIP number works the same way as other phone numbers. The person who calls you pays the regular landlines rates. You can receive faxes and voicemails by email with local XOIP numbers, and use all other XOIP features.  You can forward local XOIP numbers to landlines and mobile phones. More information about the costs of forwarding can be found here.

The local XOIP number subscription also contains 200 free incoming faxes or minutes per month. If you want to receive more, you can supplement this with XOIP credits for € 0,15 per 10 minutes.

It is also possible to subscribe for multiple numbers.

The various XOIP packages

XOIP offers you various packages. There is a XOIP Basic Package, a XOIP Plus Package and a XOIP Local Package.

The service of the XOIP Basic package and the XOIP Plus package is free. You do not pay subscription costs and the costs of the calls are paid for by the caller.

Your XOIP Basic numbers and XOIP Plus numbers can be forwarded to landlines and mobile phones. You can find more information about forwarding here. You can add as many numbers as you want to the above mentioned packages with no extra costs. The numbers in the XOIP Basic package cannot be transferred to a XOIP Plus number in the XOIP Plus package and vice versa.

The XOIP Plus package also offers another advantage. You can earn XOIP credits with all incoming fax pages. You can send fax messages with these credits. This is not possible with a XOIP Basic package. You can buy credits with both mentioned packages.

You can also register for a local XOIP-number in your own residential area. Your local XOIP number has the same area code as your normal phone number. Callers will pay the regular costs for calls to a domestic number.

You can also receive faxes and voice mail through email with your local XOIP number, and use all other XOIP features, such as forwarding to landlines and mobile phones. Click here for more information about  the costs of forwarding.

If you are interested in a number block on a XOIP Local package, you can send an email to For more information about number blocks on a XOIP Basic and XOIP Plus package, click here.

A local XOIP number has an annual subscription fee of €85 (€9,50 per month).

All XOIP numbers are given out in compliance with the General Terms and Conditions.