How can you send a fax via email for free?

XOIP is often asked how a free fax via email can be sent.

Although it is not possible to send a fax completely for free from your email account, there is however the possibility to, for example, create a fax document of 8 pages long and send it at a once-off fee of approximately one euro!

Using XOIP, a fax can be sent with a once-off payment. This amount is needed to cover the cost of sending the fax. Other than this, you need no fixed memberships or other obligations. Sending a page to the USA, Great Britain or The Netherlands will for example, cost 0.15 euro cents. The minimum amount of credit that can be purchased at a time is EUR 1.30 or about 8 pages.

You can pay for credits using Paypal, iDeal or by calling the 0900 XOIP number. Once again, you only buy credit that you need, and an ongoing subscription is not required. You also do not have to give any banking details to XOIP.

XOIP would like to send your fax for free. However, XOIP needs to pay the connection to the recipient of your fax. If you want to receive faxes, you can sign up for a free XOIP number. You can then receive faxes for free on your email address.

To send your faxes via email, you create a XOIP account with your email address. Subsequently, you are then able to send your fax, drawn up in a pdf format, via email by sending it to (where 311231234 is the fax number).