Voice Tweet

With XOIP it is now possible to publish audio messages via social media like Facebook and Twitter.

All you need to do, is to sign up for a free 084 XOIP number. Obtaining a XOIP local number is also possible at a subscription price of EUR 9.50 (or 85 per year). See the XOIP website for more information on subscribing to a XOIP number.

Should you already have a XOIP number, you can simply use that number, or add another XOIP number to your account.

So how does a Voice Tweet work?

After obtaining a XOIP number, you can link this number to your Facebook or Twitter account. Detailed instructions on configuring your Voice Tweet number can be found on our website. Then you only need to call this number and leave a message, to share the message with your social network. Friend, family and other followers will receive a link to enable them to play back the message.

It is also possible to secure your Voice Tweet number with a PIN code, but not required. This enables your friends and relatives to call the number and leave messages too.

Why Voice Tweet?

Voice Tweet is very practical when you are in situations where you are not able to access the Internet. It is a convenient way to keep your family and friends up to date with your adventures while on holiday, or even, for example, to report on that thrilling game that you are attending.