call forwarding

  • Get XOIP on your existing telephone number.
  • Answer calls to your XOIP number using Skype.
  • Forward your XOIP calls to your fixed or mobile phone.

Get XOIP on your current telephone number

XOIP can be your primary voice and fax service. Forward your fixed or mobile phone to XOIP when you cannot or do not want to answer.

Your telco will bill you regular XOIP calling rates if you forward your phone to XOIP.

Answer calls on your mobile

Set your XOIP number to forward calls to your phone. If you do not pick up, XOIP will take a message for you.

All XOIP numbers can forward to Dutch landlines and mobile phones. For more information, see our packages.

Answer calls anywhere

With 'find / follow me' you can forward your calls to up to 5 destinations at the same time, or let one ring after another.

For more information, see our blog.

Smart suggestions

  • Give out your XOIP number instead of your mobile number. Forward your XOIP number to your mobile phone.
  • Save on roaming charges by listening to your voicemails via email instead of calling your mobile voicemail from abroad.
  • Completely replace your old fax machine with XOIP by forwarding your fax line to XOIP. Send your faxes online with XOIP.