Hosted turnkey and bespoke telephony solutions for your unique situation.
Professional development and support services.

  • XOIP can build your custom telephony solution.
  • Combine voice, fax, Skype, SMS and web in infinite ways.
  • Inbound and outbound faxing and calling; SIP, IAX and ISDN.
  • Solutions can be integrated with your platform, or stand-alone.

Building my Application

To discuss your custom application, mail us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , with a brief description of what you’d like to do. Be sure to include your contact details.

Our team of experts will work with you to see what is possible, as well as provide you with costing.

Our wide range of phone numbers enables us to provide you with unique applications. For example, what can we offer you ?

  • Fax/client recognition: Provide each client or user with their own XOIP number and sort incoming faxes faster based on the information that XOIP can include in the incoming emails containing the faxes from these clients, for instance client name, phone number, specific comments or text that you would like to add per client.
  • Voicemail processing: Have different XOIP numbers for different support topics or departments, Incoming voicemails can be delivered to the correct person based on the XOIP number that was dialed.


  • Number portability
  • You are able to keep your current number.
  • Service Level Agreement
  • We'll set up a customised SLA for every client.
  • Web interface
  • You can manage the faxes through our webinterface.
  • Safety
  • We mange out own servers and they are spread across The Netherlands.
  • Customized storage of faxes
  • The Client determines how long the faxes will be stored.
  • Permanent Contact person
  • The Client will have an account manager.

Case Studies

Here are a few examples of how XOIP meets unique needs.

Hotel Bookings: Automatically send faxes from an application

XOIP can be used to send faxes directly from your existing application. As well as receiving faxes, any application can request XOIP to send a fax via API’s

XOIP has deployed a custom solution for a high-volume hotel booking engine. Many hotels use fax as a means of confirming bookings.

The hotel application speaks to XOIP via API’s, so that operators are not aware whether communication with hotels is via fax or email. If a hotel prefers to be contacted by fax, a fax is automatically sent by XOIP.

Received faxes are automatically processed, and added to the relevant customer.

This real-world example applies to any situation where an application is required to send faxes. Many ordering processes need faxes to be sent, such as ordering food for restaurant kitchens, medical supplies and travel confirmations.

Automated Accounting: Data-capture of received faxes

The XOIP data-capture service can be used to capture faxes into any web-application.

XOIP has developed a solution for an accountant that services small businesses. Each customer faxes their monthly invoices to a unique telephone number set up for them.

XOIP processes these incoming faxes, and stores them for the accountant. Our data-capture team captures the invoice details directly into the accountant’s online accounting system.

The accountant completes the accounting, and bills the customer per invoice.

Remote Workforce: Call routing via Skype and SIP

XOIP’s inbound and outbound calling functions can be combined with custom menus for unique business situations.

XOIP has developed a custom solution for a company who’s telephone agents work from home. Each customer is assigned a different telephone number.

When an agent logs onto Skype, XOIP knows that they are available to receive calls.

When customers call for service, the caller is greeted by an option menu. After selecting various options, the incoming call is routed to the next suitable agent.

Some agents receive calls on Skype, and some receive calls using SIP soft-phones. If no agents are available, the call is picked up by a custom voicemail.