fax to email

No more wasting of paper and ink. Sign up for your own
XOIP telephone number.
  • Your faxes are sent to your email.
  • No cost for received faxes.
  • No limit on the number of faxes you may receive.
  • Receive multiple faxes simultaneously.
  • Receive your faxes in .pdf or .tiff format.

How does fax to email work?

Choose your own XOIP number when you sign up. When someone sends you a fax, XOIP converts it into an email and sends it to you.

You do not need to install any software for XOIP to work.

Smart suggestions

  • If you receive a lot of faxes, set your number to fax-only to ensure the best possible fax detection.  Take a second number for voicemail.
  • You can receive faxes on your home telephone number by forwarding your phone to XOIP.
  • You may sign up for as many fax numbers as you need, and manage them all together.
  • See who has faxed you and access recent faxes by logging on to the website.
  • Use XOIP as a scanner by faxing documents to your own XOIP number.
  • Voicemail, call forwarding and fax can all work on the same number.