receiving faxes

Does XOIP accept faxes from all fax machines?

In situations where it is critical that your XOIP number accepts faxes correctly 100% of the time from all fax machines, especially from older fax machines, we recommend that you set your number to 'fax-only' and subscribe for a separate number for voicemail.

How do I change fax receipt format?

You can receive faxes as .tiff or .pdf files. See fax receipt support for details.

Sometimes faxes are sent as .wav files containing a set of beeps. What is going on?

In certain circumstances, with very old fax machines, XOIP can recognise incoming fax messages as voice messages. If this happens, the sender will receive an error message and will know that the fax was not sent. The problem can be solved by setting your fax number to fax-only, together with signing up for a separate XOIP number to receive voicemails.

See fax receipt support for instructions on how to set your number to fax-only.

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