fax sending

How can I send a fax?

You can use the XOIP online fax sending tool or email your fax.

What telephone numbers can I send faxes to?

XOIP can send faxes to most countries.

How many times is my fax tried before it fails?

XOIP will try to send your fax 3 times. If the fax is not properly received, the system will notify you that your fax could not be delivered.

Why do I get an error message when trying to upload my document?

Any document you wish to fax must first be printed to an Adobe .pdf file and saved on your computer. This is necessary to verify how your document will look before you fax it. Once the .pdf is saved to your computer, you can upload it on the fax sending web page.If you experience problems loading your .PDF file, please try to save the PDF as PDF version 1.4 compatible (or, if this option is unavailable: pdf/a).

How do I install a .pdf creator?

To print files to .pdf, you can download and install the free .pdf utility called PDF Creator from sourceforge.net/projects/pdfcreator/ (You will need to download the GPL version with Ghostscript support.)

→ Find out how?
  1. Go straight to the download page by clicking here: download link.
  2. Click the download button of the country closest to where you are.
  3. When the box pops up, either click 'open' or save the program to disk and then execute it.
  4. The default installation will be sufficient. Follow the install instructions by pressing 'next' repeatedly as directed.

How do I save a Word, Excel or other file as PDF using .pdf Creator?

Once you have downloaded and installed PDFCreator, create a .pdf file from any MS Word, Excel (etc) by printing the document to .pdf format.

→ Find out how?
  1. Save your document (always a good idea before trying something new).
  2. Select 'print' from the file menu.
  3. Under the list of available printers, choose 'PDFCreator' then press 'okay'.
  4. The PDF Creator screen will pop up. You may adjust the settings but this is not necessary.
  5. Press the 'save' button.
  6. Select a location to save the .pdf document.
  7. A .pdf version of your document will be displayed on-screen. Check to see if you are happy with the layout.
  8. You may then upload the .pdf document to the 'send faxes' page.

Why it is important to verify the fax before I send it?

Before you send your fax, you must view it on your screen to check it is okay. You need to check the file generated by the XOIP system. Checking your input .pdf file is not sufficient.

Different computers have different page layouts and font settings, and it is possible that the format of the font or the page layout might change. You need to look at the fax file to verify that you are happy with it before it is sent.

It is possible that your computer has an incompatible font, in which case the result will be incomprehensible when sent. This will be avoided by looking at the file.

XOIP does not accept responsibility for the fax file sent. It is the user’s responsibility to verify the file before it is faxed.

Files created with Primo.PDF do not work

Primo.PDF uses a different true-type font version from that used in our fax server. If you want to create .pdf files with Primo.PDF you need to set the Postscript True-type font to Bitmap in the advanced printer settings.

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