Obtaining XOIP numbers

When you sign up, you will be prompted to add a XOIP telephone number. You may assign as many numbers as you need. XOIP numbers are assigned according to our terms and conditions.

Porting your existing fax number to XOIP

XOIP can take over service on your fax number. It will take approximately 5-7 working days to port your number. There will be no porting fee,however, you need to pay for a minimum one year local number subscription in order for your number to be ported.

If you are porting a single number of an ISDN2 bundle, XOIP will need to take over the whole bundle. If this is your case, kindly inform us so that we can provide further information.

* All XOIP services are available on ported numbers, and faxes and voicemail will be delivered to your email. Your ported number will not be available for use from your home fax machine or telephone.

XOIP numbers

XOIP Plus numbers are regular telephone numbers with net codes 084 or 087. These numbers are non region-specific numbers, designated especially for telecommunications services. XOIP Local numbers are regular local telephone numbers available in any Dutch area code.

An example XOIP number 0 84 123 4567
Zero Prefix 0
Net Number 84
Suffix 123 4567
Full XOIP number 31 84 123 4567
Dutch country code 31
Net Number 84
Suffix 123 4567

Configuring your XOIP numbers

Each XOIP number can be configured with any of the XOIP services.

→ Find out how?
  1. Log on to the website by entering your email address and password into the area on the top.
  2. If you have forgotten your password, click here.
  3. Select "My Account"
  4. Select "XOIP number settings".
  5. You will be shown a list of numbers, which you can update.

Calling XOIP numbers

A XOIP number is dialled like any other telephone number. For the non-geographic 084 and 087 numbers, the net code must always be dialled.

A caller would dial 084 1234567 from anywhere in the Netherlands to reach the XOIP number 084 1234567.

If the caller is dialling from outside the Netherlands, they need to dial the Netherlands country code, and drop the leading zero: 0031 84 1234567.

When someone calls your XOIP number, they are greeted by your welcome message, and invited to leave a message or send a fax to you. If you have set your number to fax-only, a fax tone will be sounded instead.

If you call your XOIP number from your mobile phone, you are automatically taken to the menu where you can listen to your messages and administer your settings.

XOIP number rates

For the rates that will be billed to someone calling your XOIP number, see call costs.