Provide voice and fax to your customers, and share in the returns.
All communication is customizable, with full online management
of your customers.

Becoming a XOIP Reseller

If you are interested in becoming a reseller, signup below

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How does it work?

When you become a reseller, you are assigned a reseller-ID on the XOIP system. All of your users are tagged with this ID.

You may:

  • Manually sign users up via the reseller tool,
  • Automatically sign users up via your own website,
  • Link to our website, and allow users to sign themselves up on XOIP website.

You may choose to:

  • Manage your users yourself using the reseller tool,
  • Allow your users to manage themselves via the XOIP website.
  • Our reseller tool lets you manage users, and track their usage.

Download the Reseller Manual for more information on how to use the Reseller Tool.

How do you benefit?

We pay you a commission on all paid products sold. If calls to your numbers generate revenue, we pay you a percentage.

You can decide if your users pay XOIP directly for paid products, or if they pay you, and you pay XOIP.