• Your voicemails are sent to your email as
    .wav attachments.
  • Access your voicemails from any phone.
  • Receive multiple calls simultaneously.
  • Record your own personal greeting.
  • Use voicemail with call forwarding and Skype.

How does voicemail work?

Choose your own XOIP number when you sign up. Call your XOIP number to change your personal greeting. When someone calls and you are not available, XOIP will take a message.

If you forward your calls to your mobile the voicemail will kick in if you do not pick up.

Voicemail in your email

  • When someone calls and you do not pick up, XOIP will take a message and send it to your email.
  • Access your voicemail messages anywhere in the world without roaming charges.

Voicemail on your phone

  • You can access and manage your voicemail by calling your own XOIP number. If you call from your own mobile you will not need to enter your PIN code.
  • Forward your phone to XOIP to replace your current voicemail.

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