xoip voice

  • Make and receive calls using the Internet
  • Keep your existing telephone number
  • Cost-effective with full flexibility
  • Use a regular SIP-enabled telephone handset
  • 15 year trusted service history
  • Fully supported via our email and telephone helpdesk

How does XOIP Voice work?

XOIP Voice lets you make and receive call cost effectively via the internet using a regular SIP-enabled handset. SIP is the standard protocol for telephony. After many years of improvement, SIP now offers better call quality than a regular telephone. You can now replace KPN and take and receive calls via the internet, using a telephone handset.

XOIP offers outstanding quality, low costs, as well as sophisticated options such as using multiple phones, moving phones between locations, as well as other benefits of using internet telephony.

For e5.50 per month (ex btw) you get:

  • You can use your existing telephone number; or obtain a new number in your geo code
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Low subscription and call costs (calling costs)
  • Free voicemail
  • Forward your number to one or more phones or your computer
  • Good to know:

    • Your VOIP handset will work exactly like your regular telephone. (XOIP can supply you a new handset.)
    • You can call from your smartphone or computer by using a SIP softphone.
    • You can keep your current (e.g. KPN) telephone number (number portability).