fax to email

Sign up for a XOIP number and receive
faxes in your email for free.

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Make and receive high quality calls using XOIP.

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Get your voicemails in your email with your
XOIP number.

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send faxes

Send faxes internationally from your PC
without installing any software.

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local number

All XOIP features on your own local number.
Numbers available in all Dutch cities.

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call forwarding

Use XOIP with your existing telephone number.
Or, use XOIP as your telephone number and
forward your calls to your mobile phone.

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XOIP voice

Use XOIP to make and
receive calls via internet.

Sign up for a free XOIP account today and receive a free XOIP fax number.
You can also add a local voice or fax number to your account.

e fax: fax via email

Read all about XOIP’s e fax solutions and choose for fax via email. XOIP is short for anything over IP, and that is exactly what we offer. Whether you are using your phone, voicemail, fax or SMS: all costs are significantly lowered in combination with internet and email. Request a fax number at XOIP and receive all your faxes in your inbox for free!

Computer faxing

A XOIP account enables you to send all your faxes from your computer without installing any extra software. You save the document that you wish to fax as PDF and add it as an attachment to your email. Add the fax number to the recipient field and send your fax via email. It’s easy as that!

XOIP's smart solutions

  • Receiving faxes in your inbox for free
  • Faxing from your computer without extra software
  • Faxing worldwide at low rates
  • XOIP's other services

    XOIP not only offers smart online faxing solutions, but much more:

  • Receive your voicemails in your inbox
  • Use XOIP to post audio messages on Facebook and Twitter