Phone numbers for smart entrepreneurs

Simple and flexible reachability with a XOIP virtual phone number

Device independent

Free forwarding

Number sharing

From €29 per year

Directly available

Simple to configure

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Geavanceerde telefonische bereikbaarheid voor een klein budget

Freelancers and homeworkers

Put a XOIP number on your online profile or business card and avoid that everybody gets to know your mobile number or disturbs you outside work hours.

Small teams

A XOIP number as assistance number forwards to whomever is scheduled or available.

Non-profits and volunteers

With a XOIP number your organizations has a professional phone presence in no-time and for a very affordable price.

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Online phone number in The Netherlands

Ook voor bedrijven buiten Nederland. Te vermelden op websites, visitekaartjes of email signatures.

XOIP number (084)

The 084 range is specially earmarked for VOIP telephony. XOIP’s paid 084 subscriptions have a low call rate, so that callers won’t get high call costs, and can be dialed internationally.

Geographic number

A regular fixed number in your own network region. Choose this if you prefer a local and familiar phone presence.

Bring your own number

In case you want to continue to use your current fixed number, we can move your number from your current telecom provider to XOIP (number porting).

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Protect your privacy

Shield your private phone number

Keep work and home life separate. Hand our your XOIP number to work related contacts and keep your mobile number private.

See who calls

Also when a call is forwarded you can still see who is calling you.

Send and receive faxes online

Retire your fax-machine. Online fax sending en receiving saves time, frustration and paper.

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From your email

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send and receive fax online

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Activate your own e-fax number
Receive faxes in your email

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send and receive fax online

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