FAQ Managing your account

How do I log in to access my account?

Log on to XOIP using your registered email address and your password.

If you do not know your password, click the password reset email here. We will send you a one time access code with which you can reset your password. If this does not arrive within a few minutes, please first check your spam folder. If that also doesn’t help, contact the helpdesk on [email protected].

How do I change my email address?

You can update your registered email address on the account settings page. Click on the circular “my account” icon on the top right hand side and choose “account”.

Note that your account email address can differ from your contact email address. The account email is just a username, all system mails (including the password reset email) go to the contact email address. By default the two email addresses are the same, but it can be helpful to separate them.

You can also change the email address where XOIP sends faxes and voicemails by configuring your XOIP numbers. Remember to configure each XOIP number you wish to change.

How can I cancel my account and what happens to my personal data when I cancel?

You can cancel your account at any time at the bottom of the account page. We will securely delete your personal data and anonymise your call records. Any remaining credit balance will be expired and not paid back to you, so make sure you use up your credits before canceling your account.

How do I get a free XOIP number?

XOIP is no longer issuing free telephone numbers.

Why is there no cookie warning on your website?

XOIP only uses technical cookies and anonymised tracking without privacy implications, therefore we are not mandated to have a cookie warning.

Can I have a Belgian XOIP number?

The XOIP service is presently only available via Dutch telephone numbers but we will be adding Belgian and other EU telephone numbers soon.