FAQ Sending faxes

How can I send a fax?

You can upload one or more PDFs on the XOIP website or send them as an email attachment to <telephone number>@fax.xoip.com, where <telephone number> is the receiving fax number. Make sure the number is preceded by the full country code (for example [email protected] for a fax to 31  (0) 20 1234567)

Which countries can I send faxes to?

XOIP can send faxes to most countries. EEA countries and the USA all have the same per page rate. The rate for other countries you see by uploading your fax.

How many times is my fax tried before it fails?

XOIP will try to send your fax 3 times. If the fax is not properly received, the system will notify you that your fax could not be delivered.

Why do I get an error message when trying to upload my document?

Any document you wish to fax must first be printed to a PDF file and saved on your computer. This is necessary to verify how your document will look before you fax it. Once the PDF is saved you can upload it on the fax sending web page, or send it to XOIP as an email attachment. If you experience problems loading your PDF file, please try to save the PDF as PDF version 1.4 compatible. You can check the version and validity of your PDF file with this online PDF verification tool.

Can I send multiple PDFs at the same time?

You can upload multiple PDF files on the XOIP website or attach multiple files to your email. By default the files are merged in the order in which they were submitted (or received by XOIP) and sent out as a single fax. If the combined file exceeds the maximum file size of 4 GB, you can choose to fax each PDF individually under “More options”, but in this case the order in which the PDFs arrive at the other end is not fixed.

Can I stop a fax after I submitted it?

Submitted faxes are placed in the fax queue and cannot be retracted anymore. So be sure to check your document(s) carefully before you press send.

Do I get a confirmation report for sent faxes?

For every fax you send you will receive a confirmation email that the fax was delivered or not. The first page of the supplied PDF is attached to this email, so you can use this message as a delivery-report. If you prefer to see the entire PDF file (or no PDF) attached, you can change this under “More options”. You can also download the transmission report at a later time under “Messages”, but then it will not have the PDF attached.

Can I set my own fax header?

You can set your own fax header for faxes sent from the web. For faxes sent by email you can even set a specific fax header for each authorised from-email address.

Can we use a XOIP account with multiple people?

The best way to use the same XOIP account (and the fax credit balance) with multiple people is by setting a separate from-address for each person using XOIP. Each person can then send faxes by email from his own email address, using his own fax header. The fax charges will booked from the shared credit balance.

How long does it take to send a fax?

Usually it takes around 10-20 minutes for your fax to be sent, but in exceptional cases the wait time can run up to several hours. The fax transmission itself takes up to a minute per page, depending on the information density per page. During busy periods there may also be wait time for  available lines. Also, there may be retries on busy numbers or transmissions that go wrong.

Can I send a fax to multiple fax numbers at the same time?

You can enter multiple recipient numbers on the XOIP website. For email delivery you can enter multiple to-address, one for each recipient.

How do you stop others stop from sending email-faxes in my name?

We only process email-faxes that are coming to us from your account email address or another authorised email address under your account (you can add however many email addresses you want). For additional assurance you can set a subject password for each email you send us or an authorisation link to be mailed back to you for each fax delivery.