Number types

When you sign up for a fax or voice subscription you will need to select a telephone number. For certain subscriptions you get to choose between Geographic numbers and National numbers. Geographic nrs are regular fixed line telephone numbers with a net code indicating a specific city or locality, for example 020 for Amsterdam. If you want a geographic number you are required to have a physical presence in the city in question. National or Non-Geographic nrs have a net code that is not linked to a specific city, for example 085 or 088 in the Netherlands. For these numbers you are only required to have a physical presence in the Netherlands.

084/087 numbers

XOIP operates a specific national number type with net code 084 or 087 dedicated to IP telecommunication services. In the past, the call rate of these numbers could be set higher by the service provider, but that has not been allowed since mid-2023. Since then, all 084 and 087 numbers must be charged at the regular national rate, which means that callers do not pay a surcharge on top of their regular calling costs. The only difference with 085/088 numbers is that XOIP’s 084 and 087 numbers cannot be ported out.

Porting your existing telephone number to XOIP

Instead of requesting a new number, you can also transfer your existing fixed number to XOIP, for example because you want to cancel your fixed line. You will be given the option to do this when you create your subscription. You must upload a recent invoice with the number to be ported on it to prove you are the number holder. XOIP charges a one-off fee to cover administrative costs. These costs are specified in your subscription price. Porting takes approximately 5-7 business days. You can port your number to a new service provider at any time. In that case you will also be charged administrative costs.