XOIP Services Agreement

  1. The XOIP Services are subject to the standard NLdigital terms regarding the provision of ICT and telecommunication services. In the event of contradictions this XOIP Services Agreement in combination with the XOIP Privacy Policy shall prevail.
  2. XOIP B.V. offers telecommunications services for businesses. Our services have not been tailored for consumer use. We ask you to confirm that you will use our services for legitimate business purposes. Where we use ‘you’ in our terms this also applies to the company that you represent.
  3. XOIP B.V. may provide you access to a telephone number for which XOIP is the registered Number Holder (XOIP number). Unless specifically agreed otherwise, a XOIP number will be made available for you as a Number User for the duration of the XOIP Services Agreement. The right to use the XOIP Number may not be transferred and you do not have any porting rights on the XOIP number. You can no longer use the XOIP number upon termination unless an exception has specifically been agreed upon by XOIP, such exception always being subject to all outstanding service costs having been covered.
  4. You are responsible for the correct and fair use of the XOIP number, in accordance with applicable regulations, notably the designated number use in the applicable country’s Numbering Plan. In the event requirements regarding calling rate announcements apply, you must ensure that you take appropriate measures to comply with these requirements. XOIP B.V. accepts no liability for damages in relation to the use of the XOIP Number or the XOIP Services.
  5. As a Data Controller you remain responsible for the personal data in your XOIP account. XOIP acts as a Data Processor in the context of your XOIP Services Agreement. As required by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the data processing under this agreement is made subject to the conditions in the NLdigital terms that you can find here. These provisions apply together with the XOIP Privacy Policy.
  6. In the event of termination your XOIP account will be closed and the data relating to your account will no longer be stored, unless specific pre-paid data storage arrangements have been agreed upon prior to termination. After your account has been closed, XOIP call credits that were linked to your XOIP account will no longer be available and all data relating thereto will be deleted promptly to the extent permitted by law.
  7. XOIP call credits are non-refundable and expire after 12 months of inactivity (12 months without credit transactions, credit top-ups or subscription payments).
  8. XOIP has the right to amend these terms and other service rules and requirements from time to time.
  9. These conditions, including the NLdigital terms and the XOIP Privacy Policy, are governed by Dutch law.

This agreement was last updated in May 2023.