About us

XOIP is the pioneer of smart telecommunications. The name is shorthand for “anything over IP” and sums up our vision: telecom solutions – be they telephony, voicemail or fax – should harness the capabilities of the internet. We popularised this vision in the Netherlands and Belgium over two decades ago as the first mass provider of fax and voice to email services. We continue to do so today by offering smart and useful telecom services available to all online.


Founded in 1997, XOIP is one of the longest surviving internet brands in the Benelux. In 1998 the company shot to prominence as the first European provider to introduce fax to email as a free service on regular telephone numbers. Additional messaging services like voicemail to email, web to fax, email to speech and SMS notification were subsequently added, and supported by familiarising the market to these new ideas. The message “Have you been XOIPed?” succeeded in reaching a wide audience. Towards the end of the 1990s, XOIP had hundreds of thousands of users and was a recognised brand in The Netherlands and Belgium.

In 2001, XOIP was bought by Worldonline/Tiscali and integrated the ISP’s product portfolio. In 2005, around the sale of Tiscali, the XOIP management team purchased XOIP back from Tiscali and reinstated it as an independent company.

Today XOIP occupies the position of the avant-garde Dutch telecoms company, breaking ground with smart, innovative communications solutions.

Corporate details

Maanderpoort 41
6711AC, Ede
Email: [email protected]
Tel 020 716 3688

NL Chamber of Commerce 28075425