Other information

Minimum usage requirement for Voice Free

Since Voice Free numbers have no subscription fee their costs needs to be covered from usage fees.  A  minimum usage requirement therefore applies to Voice Free subscriptions.

Voice Free numbers must receive at least 1 minute call time within a period of 90 days.

XOIP will notify you in advance if it looks like you will not reach that low threshold. If your number remains inactive after the warning the subscription will be cancelled.  This will not affect any credits you may have. You may at a later stage sign up for a new number to use them.

Maximum allowed Voice Free subscriptions

You can register for up to three Voice Free subscriptions per account.

Porting your number

You can port your existing Dutch landline number to XOIP, for example if you want to stop paying fixed line rental fees. When signing up for a subscription, you can select the option to port your number. You will have to upload a recent invoice of your current telecom provider. XOIP will take care of the rest and will inform you when your number is active with XOIP. This can take up to 10 days.

You can at any point also port your fixed number out of XOIP again to another Telecom provider. Please let your new provider know you want to port your number. They will contact XOIP to make it happen.

XOIP charges a €50 admin fee for porting in a phone number. Only numbers that were ported into XOIP can be ported out again. Porting out also costs €50 in admin fees.