What are XOIP credits?

XOIP credits are what you use to pay for XOIP services. Depending on your subscription, you need them to forward calls or receive voicemails. You also need credits to send faxes. XOIP credits are denominated 1:1 in Euro. Call forwards are charged per minute, voicemails per piece. Faxes are charged per page  (no credits are required to receive faxes).After you purchase credits, the cost of faxes sent, forwarded calls or voicemails are automatically deducted from your credit. The minimum top-up amount is €10.

When logged in to your XOIP account, a credit indicator will show you your credit balance at any time.

Why do I need XOIP credits?

Depending on your Voice subscription, you need XOIP credits to:

pay for voicemails or forwarding calls to your XOIP number (Voice Free)
pay for forwarding calls to your XOIP (Voice Light) number
pay for forwarding calls after your free minutes run out (Voice Pro)

Credits are always required for sending faxes.

If credits are available, costs incurred will automatically be deducted from your XOIP credit. If you have free minutes on your voice subscription, a forwarded call will not be charged to your XOIP balance until you run out of free minutes for that month.

How do I top up my credit balance?

Log in to your XOIP account and click on the ‘Buy Credit’ button that you find throughout the site. You can choose from different amounts.

What happens when I run out of credits?

If your credit balance is empty – and you have no free minutes – incoming calls go straight to voicemail. If your number has paid voicemail, calls will not be answered and you will receive an email that you have missed a call.

Faxes cannot be sent without credit. When uploading a fax on the web, you immediately see if you have the required credits. If you deliver the fax by email you will receive a notice by return email if you do not have sufficient credit.

Without credit or with insufficient credit, you cannot send faxes or forward calls anymore. You will need to purchase new credits before you can send a fax again. Incoming calls are automatically directed to your voicemail instead of being forwarded to your phone number, until you top up your credit balance.

Can I be alerted before my credit runs out?

When you’re running low on credits, you will receive an email notification, so that you can top up and not miss any calls. When you run low in free minutes and you have insufficient credit to forward a call, you will also be notified by email.

When your credit runs low while you’re in a call, you will hear an audio message during the call, alerting you that your credit will soon be finished.

Can my credits expire?

Credits remain valid while you have a paying subscription with XOIP. If this is not (or no longer) the case, they expire one year after your last credit transaction. Specifically, credits expire one year after the last of these events:
● Your last paid subscription payment
● Your last forwarded call, voicemail, or fax that was paid for with your credit
● Your last credit purchase

You will be notified well in advance if you are at risk of your credits expiring, so you can take appropriate action to prevent this from happening.

Can I get a refund for unused credits?

XOIP does not refund any unused credits — also not when you cancel your subscription or your account.