Online phone numbers

Forward your fixed line to mobile and take control of your incoming business calls. With XOIP’s online phone numbers it’s super simple to set up when and where incoming calls should be answered (or not answered).

From €29 per year

Directly available
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Device independent

Free forwarding

Number sharing

Forward your fixed line to mobile

An online fixed phone number that is easy to forward to your mobile and flexible to configure

Configure call plan

With the online call plan it’s easy and flexible to forward your XOIP number to one or more ‘real’ phone numbers or to voicemail

Call groups

You can automatically forward calls to up to five phone numbers, that can either ring at the same time or ring one after the other.

Receive calls abroad

It’s also possible to forward your Dutch XOIP number to international phone numbers.

forward fixed to mobile
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Voicemail in your email

Ontvang uw voicemails waar u ook uw andere berichten ontvangt: uw inbox

forward fixed to mobile

Voicemail as a audio file

Voicemail as an audio file in your email is easier to listen to than through your phone

Forward or archive your voicemails

Each voicemail is an email attachment, so it’s quick and easy to forward it by email or archive it

Voicemail becomes team work

Voicemail in email is perfect for helpdesks or dial-in numbers

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Work-life balance

Route call depending on opening hours, for example:

After work, go to voicemail

During work hours you forward your fixed line to your mobile, but when you go home after work, incoming calls can go to voicemails. You can listen to them from you email inbox first thing in the morning.

Call group for the weekends

During work hours there is always one person to answer the phone, but for incidental calls during the weekend, everyone is on call.

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forward fixed to mobile

Online phone numbers in The Netherlands

Ook voor bedrijven buiten Nederland. Te vermelden op websites, visitekaartjes of email signatures.

XOIP number (084)

This is a national number with a low call rate. With this number you can receive call from anywhere in the world.

Geographic number

Choose a number in your network area. Also convenient for international organizations that need a local presence in The Netherlands.

Bring your number

XOIP helps you to move your number from your current telecom provider to XOIP.

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Voice subscriptions

Forward your fixed line to mobile

Choose your number-type

084 National number

Caller pays €0.09 (inc. VAT) + regular call tariff
No number portability

084 Light29 per year

Call forwarding for €0.02/min fixed, €0.07/min mobile within NL, using credits

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084 Pro Most popular49 per year

Free call forwarding within NL: no credits required for the first 100 min/month

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Geographic number

Regular number in your network area
Bring your own number (+€50)

Geo Light69 per year

Free call forwarding within NL: no credits required for the first 100 min/month

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Geo Pro119 per year

For large volumes: first 500 min/month free call forwarding within NL

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Call forwarding outside the bundle requires the purchase of credits, starting from €10

A setup fee of €0.04 applies per forwarded call. See the international call forwarding rates

Fair use criteria apply

All prices are excluding 21% VAT