send faxes

  • No software to install.
  • Send faxes using your email.
  • Send faxes locally and internationally using XOIP credit.
  • Send multiple faxes simultaneously.


Sending a fax

  • Faxing from your email
  • Fax via email without extra software
  • Faxing in the Netherlands and worldwide with credits

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How does fax via email work?

Faxing via XOIP is very easy. Save your document as PDF and add the file as an attachment to your email. Add the fax number to the recipient field and send the email. For more information about fax via email please go to our Support page.

You will receive a confirmation email that your fax has been delivered. On the XOIP website you can track your fax.

Sending a fax with XOIP credits

For sending faxes XOIP works with credits. You can buy fax credits by paying through the XOIP website, or via a bank transfer.

Do you have insufficient credits to send a fax? XOIP will hold your fax until you have bought new credits.