Fair use policy

XOIP applies a fair use policy with regards to the number of voicemails you can receive. Receiving voicemail is free for our customers, but XOIP does make costs when answering calls and forwarding voicemail messages. Therefor the number of voicemail you can receive is not unlimited.

The fair use policy differs per subscription. The number of voicemails that falls within the fair use policy is more than enough for normal use within the purpose of the subscription. Subscription that are meant for commercial use can receive more voicemails than subscription that are meant for personal use.

When, in a given month, the number of voicemails you receive surpass the fair use amount, XOIP will continue to deliver the voicemails to you. However, if you surpass the maximum on a regular basis, XOIP will ask you to switch to a subscription with a higher fair use maximum.

XOIP applies the following fair use numbers for its abonnementen:

Subscription Fair use
084 Light 50 voicemails per month
084 Pro 100 voicemails per month
Previous subscriptions
XOIP Light 100 voicemails per month
XOIP Personal 200 voicemails per month
XOIP Pro unlimited voicemails