local dutch numbers

  • Local phone numbers available in all Dutch cities.
  • Fax, voicemail and Skype on your own local number.
  • Choose a new number / Transfer your current fax number.
  • Regular local calling rates apply.

Local XOIP phone numbers

You can now get a XOIP local telephone number in your city. People calling your number will know what city you are in, and will pay regular calling rates for calling that city.

Getting a new local number from XOIP

When signing up, choose a number in any Dutch city. You can sign up for as many XOIP numbers as you need.

Transferring your current fax number to XOIP

You are able to port your existing fax number to XOIP. See Porting your current fax number to XOIP for more details.

Subscription and costs

Unlike free XOIP numbers, local XOIP numbers require a subscription. See our Dutch phone number packages for details. Your customers pay regular local calling rates to call your number.