Take control of your incoming business calls
Forward calls to any fixed or mobile number in NL
Receive voicemail in your email
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This is how it works

XOIP provides you with a phone number in the cloud that you can flexibly connect to one or more ‘real’ phone numbers, allowing you to control where and when your customers can reach you, and to answer business calls from your personal phone without having to reveal your personal number.

You get a virtual phone number

You get a cloud based phone number that you can use to receive business calls on. Choose between a XOIP personal nr (084) or a regular phone nr in your own area code. XOIP can also help you bring your existing number through number portability.

Pick up a call where you want it

Use the XOIP web-app to flexibly route incoming calls to your mobile phone, a fixed line or voicemail.

Forward calls to fixed or mobile phones

You can forward incoming calls to any fixed line or mobile number in the Netherlands for an affordable call rate (from €0.08/min).

Receive voicemails in you email

Voicemail messages will be forwarded to your email. No need to call in to listen to your voicemail anymore. Even better, you can now forward voicemails to your colleagues or team mates!

Call routing based on office hours

Do you want to only answer calls during office hours and have those late calls go straight to voicemail or to an answering service? You can, with office hours routing.

Forward to a call list

You can route an incoming call to a list of up to five phone numbers. These can be called all at once or one after the other.

Voice subscriptions

Voice Personal


XOIP-number (084)
Forwarding €0.15/min*
084 number with regular calling rate
Forwarding to NL fixed or mobile number
Free voicemail to email (sound file)
Calls routing according to office hours (soon)
Forwarding to call lists
Number portability
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Voice Pro


Regular NL fixed nr
Forwarding €0.08/min*
Fixed number in your own area code
Forwarding to NL fixed or mobile numbers
Voicemail in email (sound file)
Call routing according to office hours (soon)
Forwarding to call lists (soon)
Number portability*
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* Charged per second, with a set-up charge of €0.08 per call.

** There is a €50 one-time charge for porting in your number
All prices include 21% NL VAT