Fax sending via email

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With XOIP you can now follow these easy steps to send faxes via email.

Firstly, create a new message in your email program. In the ‘to’ field, enter the fax number followed by @sendfax.xoip.com. Caution! The number must be entered in international format. A fax to be sent to a company in Amsterdam is addressed as follows: [email protected].

The add the PDF file that you would like to send as an attachment to your email. Only the PDF file will be sent. Test in the email subject or in the email itself will not be sent.

The email can then be sent in the usual way. You will receive an automatic confirmation via email from XOIP that your email has been received. You will also receive an email to confirm whether the fax has been delivered or not.

To prevent abuse, there are three different options to protect your faxing. You can find these three options under “my profile”. More details about setting the security options can be found on our website. With this security check, XOIP verifies that the email address that you are sending the fax from, corresponds with the address you provided in your XOIP account.

It is also possible to send multiple faxes via email.

For sending faxes it remains important that you have enough credit. If you do not have sufficient funds, XOIP will as you to add more credit. The fax will then be sent when you have sufficient funds available.

Meanwhile, you can add multiple numbers to your XOIP account. You may want to manage numbers for different people, or you need several numbers for yourself.

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