Faxing Rotterdam

By July 31, 2019 Uncategorized

With XOIP it is now possible to receive and send faxes via email in Rotterdam. To do this, the use of a KPN number is not necessary.

Companies located in Rotterdam can choose between a new XOIP number in Rotterdam or continue to use their current number. Besides the free 084 numbers, XOIP also offers local numbers in Rotterdam. Companies in Rotterdam can therefore request XOIP numbers with their own 010 – area code.

The calling costs of local XOIP numbers are lower than those of the 084 numbers, but there are subscription costs attached to local numbers.

Having a XOIP number offers a number of appealing benefits to businesses in the commercial city of Rotterdam.

A very interesting advantage is that no special software is required for XOIP. When someone sends a fax to your number, the fax is received as an email attachment on your email address. In principle you can receive free, unlimited faxes. However, this depends on the type of XOIP number. Furthermore, there is no need for a separate fax line.

Another advantage is the ability to send faxes online or via email. XOIP works with credits for fax sending. XOIP credit can be loaded by a payment from the XOIP website, by bank transfer or by phoning XOIP’s 0900 number. If you have insufficient funds to send a fax, XOIP will only send the fax once the credit balance has been sufficiently uploaded.

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