How can you send a free fax by email?

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XOIP is often asked how a free fax can be sent by email.

Although it is not possible to send a fax completely free of charge from an email account, on the other hand there is the possibility of sending a fax document of 8 pages for a low one-off fee of about one euro!

fax can be sent via XOIP against a one-off payment. This amount is needed to cover the shipping costs. Furthermore, no membership or other obligations are attached to this. For example, sending a page to the US, Great Britain or the Netherlands costs 0.15 euro cents. The minimum credit that can be purchased in one go is Euro 1.30 or around 8 pages.

You can pay this amount by using Paypal, Ideal or by calling the XOIP 009 number. It also applies here that no ongoing subscription is required. No other obligations are attached to this either. You simply buy some Euro credit and you use this to send your fax messages. You also do not have to provide your bank details to XOIP.

XOIP would very much like to send your fax for free. However, XOIP must pay for the connection to the recipient of your fax. If you need the option to receive faxes yourself, you can request a free XOIP number. You can receive the fax documents to your email address for free.

To send your fax messages, you must provide your email address at XOIP. Then the fax message, prepared in a pdf format, must be sent by email to [email protected].

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