How to email a Fax

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How to email a fax in three easy steps

1. If you don’t have an account, sign up for a free XOIP account.  There are no obligations, and as a registered telecoms provider, we take your privacy very seriously. To make life easy, use the email address you will be faxing from when you sign up. *

2. Save the file you wish to fax as a .pdf, and attach it to an email.  Only the .pdf will be faxed, not the email body.

3. Send the email to [email protected]  replacing 311231234 with the fax number.  Be sure to enter the number in international format, where the first digits are the country code.  You don’t need to enter the 00 or +.

XOIP will send your fax to the number you entered in the email address, and will email you confirmation of whether your fax was successfully received or not.  XOIP will prompt you to upload credits, if you don’t have a sufficient balance.

Signing up for XOIP is free, and to receive faxes is free.  However, to send faxes, you will need credits to cover the cost of the outbound telephone call.  You can purchase as few or as many credits as you need online, and you don’t need to give your bank detail to XOIP.

* If you wish to use a different address to register, you will need to set up the “from” address in your profile settings, once you sign up.

If you were looking to receive a fax via email, then try <how to receive a fax by email>.

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