Local number Den Haag, number Den Haag

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With XOIP it is possible to obtain an alternative number with an area code in Groningen.

By using XOIP you can now link your existing phone number to a 070 – XOIP area code. The use of the KPN services for telephone and fax connections becomes redundant. With the XOIP number you can even receive faxes to your email address. Also forward calls to your Skype connection or to your mobile phone by using this alternative number on a 070 – area code.

All messages and calls thus come in on a central location thanks to your 070- XOIP number.

Sending faxes from your email or online is also possible via this local XOIP number.

With the aforementioned possibilities, your business will always be within reach for your clients. And your callers pay only the regular local landline rates. Clear and practical.

Signing up for a XOIP 084 number cost you nothing. Obtaining a local phone number in Groningen is also possible. You pay an subscription price of 9.50 euros (or 85 euros per year). More detailed information can be found on the XOIP website.

You may decide to choose an alternative XOIP phone number or decide to port your existing personal number.

XOIP possesses advanced find/follow me features where your calls may be forwarded to multiple numbers. This capability is dependent on the time of day.

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