VOIP The Hague / SIP The Hague

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By making a 070-XOIP telephone number available in The Hague or by porting the existing connection, XOIP offers the solution for VOIP The Hague or SIP The Hague, among others. You can also find additional information about this on www.xoip.com/nl/wat-bieden-xoip/doorschakelling .

Xoip therefore offers the possibility to forward incoming calls to your usual VOIP, SIP, SKYPE connection or to your mobile or landline.

The Hague is the international city of Peace and Justice. The International Criminal Court has its seat in The Hague. and it houses the Peace Palace. From the first Peace Conferences in 1899 and 1907, The Hague became the center of the world in its pursuit of peace. As a result, The Hague has many international visitors, with an XOIP number offering the solution for these companies that make frequent use of VOIP and SIP The Hague connections.

If this option appeals to you, visit the XOIP website to request an XOIP number. Registering for an XOIP number is free, but to obtain a local 070 telephone number in The Hague, an annual subscription of € 85 (€ 9.50 per month) applies to a local XOIP number. You then have the option to choose a new The Hague telephone number or to port your personal existing number.

XOIP has advanced search / find options where your call can be forwarded to multiple numbers. This possibility depends on the time of day.

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