Voicemail support

Please note: The information on this page refers to the old XOIP voice service (the green site). A new version of the voice service is currently under construction, and will be announced soon. This page will then be updated accordingly.

If a call comes in to your XOIP number, XOIP will try to connect the call to the telephone number which is active at that time. If it cannot connect to you, or you do not pick up, the call will go to voicemail. If you do not forward your calls, XOIP voicemail will pick up automatically.

You can set how long XOIP rings your phone before diverting to voicemail.

Greeting your callers

Your number will automatically invite your caller to leave a message by way of the standard greeting “Welcome to the XOIP mailbox of 012 345 6789, please leave a message after the tone.”

You can record your own personal greeting, that XOIP will use to greet your callers.

XOIP allows you to record a temporary greeting, that you can use, for example, if you are on vacation or out of the country.  It is very easy to switch between your regular and temporary greetings.

Voicemails in your email

Your voicemails are sent to your email as .wav attachments. These can be listened to on your PC.

Accessing your voicemail from your mobile phone

If you call your XOIP number from your mobile phone, XOIP will recognise you.  You will hear your new messages, and then be taken to the main menu.

To be recognised, it’s important that your mobile phone number is set in your number settings.

Note that XOIP will not recognise you from your fixed phone, for security reasons.  To call from your fixed phone, see below.

Accessing your voicemail from a different phone

Dial your own XOIP number. You will hear your greeting inviting you to leave a voicemail.

  • Press 
  • Enter your PIN    
  • Press 
  • You will be taken to the main menu.

If you have new messages, these will be played. You will then be taken to the main menu.
You were assigned a numeric PIN when you signed up for your XOIP number. You can update this PIN on the website. Note that the password that you use to log into the website is not the same as your PIN.

Listening to your voicemail

The main menu

You are taken to the main menu after you finish listening to your messages. You can get back to the main menu at any time by pressing .

From the main menu, you can press

 to access your new messages

 to access your old messages and memos

 to record a memo

 to record and choose your greeting message

 to clean up your mailbox

 to set your forwarding options

 to change your voicemail language

Navigating new and old messages

From the main menu, press  or  to get to your new or old messages.

Press  to hear a list of of options.

You can press

 to go to the previous messages

 to replay the current message

 to go to the next messages

for details of the call

 to resend the message to your email

 to delete the message

Recording a memo

From the main menu, press  to record a memo and send it to your email.  Your memo will also be stored in your mailbox, with your old messages.

Record your memo after the tone, and press .

Recording and changing your greeting

From the main menu, press  to enter the greeting menu.

You can choose to have your callers greeted by

  • the standard greeting
  • your personal greeting
  • your temporary greeting

The standard greeting is active by default.  Callers will be greeted with “This is the XOIP mailbox of 012 345 6789 (your number).  Please leave a message after the tone.  When done, hang up or press the hash key.”


 to record, or activate your personal greeting

 to use the standard greeting

You may decide to record a temporary greeting, to use for example when you are on vacation or overseas.  XOIP allows you to easily switch between your regular and temporary greeting.
Press  to record or activate a temporary greeting.

Cleaning up your mailbox

From the main menu, press  to clean up your mailbox.

You can then press

 to mark all new messages as old

 to delete all old messages

 to delete all new messages

Forwarding your calls

From the main menu, press  to access the forwarding menu.


 to forward calls to your XOIP number directly to voicemail.

 to forward calls to your XOIP number to the phone you are calling from.

 to forward your calls to a different number.  You will be prompted to enter the number.

 to set your number to receive only faxes.

Changing your voicemail language

From the main menu, press  to enter the language menu.


 for English.

 for Dutch.