What has changed on the new platform?

XOIP has created a completely new, more reliable, more intuitive and faster platform. What changes? The XOIP services remain the same but the inner workings of our system and the user interface have been completely renewed, with some new features. These are important things you should know:



Better support for multiple PDFs

You can now submit multiple PDF files through both email and the web UI and select if they will be sent out as one fax or multiple faxes.

New email to fax address: <faxnumber>@fax.xoip.com

If you submit your outbound faxes by email you have to start using a new email address: <faxnumber>@fax.xoip.com.

The old address, <faxnumber>@sendfax.xoip.com, will continue to work but will continue to work but will lack the new features.

Email-to-fax verification has been switched off

From now we will immediately process email-to-faxes coming from registered email addresses. With our upgraded security it is no longer necessary to verify if the fax is coming from you. If you prefer to keep the 2-step verification in place you can switch it back on under security settings.

Processed PDFs no longer viewable under your account

To adhere to the highest possible security and privacy standards PDFs will only be stored by us as long as strictly necessary. As a consequence processed faxes are no longer visible in the UI and cannot be send again from there.

TIFF format no longer available

Incoming faxes can only be received in PDF format. TIFF format is no longer supported.



Still under construction

If your account is migrated to the new XOIP platform, then all your settings have been copied over. 

XOIP is still working hard to finish this page where you can change your voice settings. Soon you will be able to configure exactly what should happen when someone calls your number — like on old XOIP.

Until then, if you need to make a change to your call plan, for example chaning a forwarding phone number, please contact the help desk at [email protected] or call +31 20 7163688.