Faxing Utrecht

By July 31, 2019 Uncategorized

With XOIP it is now possible to send and receive fax messages via email in Utrecht. You can do this without using a KPN number.

All business establishments and even individuals in Utrecht can choose between a new XOIP number in Utrecht or continue to use their current number. Besides the free 084 numbers, XOIP also offers local numbers in Utrecht. You can request XOIP local number with the 030 – prefix.

Calling costs of calling a local XOIP number is lower than an 084 number, but on the other hand there is a subscription connect to a XOIP local number.

The use of a XOIP number can be quite attractive. It starts with the cost savings of no longer needing the KPN phone line. A pleasant thing when you need to save on expenses.

A very nice advantage is that no special software is required for XOIP. When a fax is sent to your XOIP number, you will receive this fax as an email attachment. Furthermore, in principle, free and unlimited faxes can be received. This is dependent on the chosen XOIP number.

Faxes can also be sent by email or online. To send these fax documents, you will require XOIP credit. This credit can be bought on the XOIP website, or via a bank transfer. Credit can also be earned by receiving faxes on a XOIP Plus fax number. When there is insufficient credit available to send a fax, the document will be sent once the credit has been topped up sufficiently.

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