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With the availability of a local XOIP 020 – phone number in Amsterdam or by porting your existing connection, XOIP provides the solution for VOIP Amsterdam or SIP Amsterdam. additional information can be found on the XOIP website.

This way, XOIP offers the possibility to forward incoming calls to your usual VOIP, SIP or Skype connection, or to your mobile or fixed phone line.

Amsterdam is an international and dynamic commercial city where a XOIP number offers the solution for service oriented businesses making use of SIP and VOIP connections. A good example would be for internationally oriented call centers with telecommuters.

How does that work?

Each telecommuter gets a certain XOIP number assigned. For example, when the worker logs into Skype, XOIP knows that this worker can now take calls. The incoming calls will be answered via Skype or a SIP phone.

If this solution appeals to you, visit the XOIP website to request a XOIP number. Signing up for a XOIP number is free, but to obtain a local phone number in Amsterdam requires a subscription of 9.50 euro or 85 euros per year. You then have the option to choose a new phone number in Amsterdam, or to port your existing number.

XOIP has advanced search/find options where your incoming calls can be forwarded to various numbers. These options can also be set up according to the time of day.

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