How to request a local XOIP number

By July 31, 2019 Uncategorized

Besides the well-known 084 numbers, XOIP also has access to local numbers in all Dutch areas. You can request a local XOIP number with your own area code through the subscribe icon on the XOIP website. If you live, for example, in The Hague, you can request a 070 XOIP number.

The call costs for the local XOIP numbers are lower than the 084 numbers. You do need a subscription, however. A local XOIP number has an annual subscription fee of €85 (€9,50 per month).

Your local XOIP number works the same way as other phone numbers. The person who calls you pays the regular landlines rates. You can receive faxes and voicemails by email with local XOIP numbers, and use all other XOIP features.  You can forward local XOIP numbers to landlines and mobile phones. More information about the costs of forwarding can be found here.

The local XOIP number subscription also contains 200 free incoming faxes or minutes per month. If you want to receive more, you can supplement this with XOIP credits for € 0,15 per 10 minutes.

It is also possible to subscribe for multiple numbers.

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