The various XOIP packages

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XOIP offers you various packages. There is a XOIP Basic Package, a XOIP Plus Package and a XOIP Local Package.

The service of the XOIP Basic package and the XOIP Plus package is free. You do not pay subscription costs and the costs of the calls are paid for by the caller.

Your XOIP Basic numbers and XOIP Plus numbers can be forwarded to landlines and mobile phones. You can find more information about forwarding here. You can add as many numbers as you want to the above mentioned packages with no extra costs. The numbers in the XOIP Basic package cannot be transferred to a XOIP Plus number in the XOIP Plus package and vice versa.

The XOIP Plus package also offers another advantage. You can earn XOIP credits with all incoming fax pages. You can send fax messages with these credits. This is not possible with a XOIP Basic package. You can buy credits with both mentioned packages.

You can also register for a local XOIP-number in your own residential area. Your local XOIP number has the same area code as your normal phone number. Callers will pay the regular costs for calls to a domestic number.

You can also receive faxes and voice mail through email with your local XOIP number, and use all other XOIP features, such as forwarding to landlines and mobile phones. Click here for more information about  the costs of forwarding.

If you are interested in a number block on a XOIP Local package, you can send an email to [email protected]. For more information about number blocks on a XOIP Basic and XOIP Plus package, click here.

A local XOIP number has an annual subscription fee of €85 (€9,50 per month).

All XOIP numbers are given out in compliance with the General Terms and Conditions.

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