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Thanks to XOIP it is possible to forward calls to your Skype number.

This means that your contacts, family and friends can call your XOIP number instead of your Skype number. Provided that this number is diverted to your Skype number, you can then answer this call via Skype in the usual way. More detailed information can be found on the XOIP website.

If you are not online, the call will be diverted to your XOIP voicemail and you will receive the voice message in your email.

Diverting your XOIP number to Skype certainly has some very attractive benefits.

The first advantage is that you can cancel your KPN subscription when subscribing to a XOIP Local number and you no longer need to pay those monthly subscription fees. Forwarding to Skype is free and your callers pay the normal rates.

Another advantage of a XOIP Local is that you are able to simulate a virtual office in The Netherlands. When you receive a call on this local Dutch number, you can answer the call via Skype, wherever in the world you may be. Being reachable on a local number in stead of Skype will also make client feel more confident. See our website to see how you can request a local Dutch number.

Even if you travel often, you can be reached on you XOIP number rather than your mobile number. Should you not be able to answer the call, it will be forwarded to your XOIP voicemail.

All the above will only be possible if you are able to configure Skype – more information on this on our website under Skype Connect.

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