The different XOIP packages

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XOIP offers you various packages . For example, there is an XOIP Basic package, an XOIP Plus package and an XOIP local package.

The service of the XOIP Basic package and the XOIP Plus package is free. You do not pay any subscription costs. And the costs of the calls are paid by the caller.

You can forward your XOIP Basic numbers and XOIP Plus numbers to landline and mobile phones. More information about the cost of diverting you here find. By the way, you can add as many numbers as you want to the two packages mentioned above. This will not cost you anything extra. However, the numbers in the XOIP Basic package cannot be converted to an XOIP Plus number in the XOIP Plus package and vice versa.

However, the XOIP Plus package offers an additional benefit. With the XOIP Plus package you can save XOIP credit with every incoming fax page that you receive. With this credit you can send faxes again. This is therefore not possible with an XOIP Basic package. You can purchase credit with both packages mentioned .

Finally, you can also subscribe to a local XOIP number in your own place of residence. Your local XOIP number has the same area code as your regular telephone number in your place of residence. Callers also pay the regular rates for calling to a domestic number.

With the local XOIP number you can also receive faxes and voicemails via e-mail and use all other XOIP functionality. As for the transfer to landline and mobile phones. Click here for more information about the costs of forwarding.

By the way, if you are interested in a number block for XOIP Local, you should send an email to [email protected] . For more information about number blocks for an XOIP Basic and XOIP Plus package, click here .

An annual subscription of € 85 (€ 9.50 per month) applies to a local XOIP number.

All XOIP numbers are issued under the General Terms and Conditions.

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