Useful tips for optimizing XOIP usage

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XOIP has been a major provider of fax & voice to e-mail services for more than 10 years. Accessible and available to everyone. Below are a number of useful tips that emphasize the benefits of using XOIP in the field of fax, email, voicemail and now social media.

XOIP and your incoming fax messages

You can receive your faxes on your personal XOIP telephone number . If you receive a lot of faxes, you can set your number to ‘fax only’. It is also possible to receive faxes at your home number by switching your phone to XOIP. You can even use XOIP as a scanner by faxing documents to your own XOIP number!

XOIP Voicemail and forwarded calls.

XOIP Voicemail takes your messages while you are unavailable. If you transfer your calls to your mobile phone or Skype, XOIP Voicemail records a message if you do not answer. It is even possible to receive an XOIP message on your email.

Transferring your XOIP number to Skype is also possible. This is free. Callers pay the normal rates.

In general, you can listen to and manage your voicemail by calling your own XOIP number.

XOIP and social media

With the social media function it is easy to record messages via your XOIP number. This is possible everywhere. You then share them with your network on Facebook or Twitter.

Finally, some general tips for XOIP use. 

Establish a virtual office in the Netherlands. Your customers call with a Dutch number, while you take the calls via Skype at your foreign location.

A fixed line is no longer necessary after purchasing an XOIP number. Save the monthly costs and use an XOIP number and answer your calls with Skype.

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